“You are loved” is more than a tagline.

You just got one of our cards because someone wants you to know that you are loved. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done (or not done), or what anyone else has said about you or done to you. You Are Loved is a community of people who want you to know that there is an infinite and perfect love, and it is aimed right at you. 

This is a real love.

What does real love mean?

True, genuine love is love with no strings attached. It is a love that is complete, abundant, and unwavering despite who we are or what we’ve done. Real love has no limits and is never-ending. It always celebrates with others, and always leans in when things are hard.

You are loved by others.

Being loved means people care about you, value your presence, appreciate you despite your shortcomings, and give you a place to belong.

You are loved by God.

God is love. He loves because it is His nature to do so. As hard as it may be to believe, we are each loved by a generous and kind God. We exist to show you and introduce you to Love.

The impact of love

Life-changing love

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Tell your story

Share how generosity, love, and maybe a You Are Loved card have made an impact in your life or community.

Love requires nothing in return.

Our heart is demonstrating the love of Jesus to those around us. If you would like us to pray for you, need a Bible, or have any questions about love and generosity, please reach out.

Join a movement of generosity and love.

Will you join us? You can make an impact with generous acts of love, kindness, and by giving away your own cards.

They’re completely free
(just like love)